One Misty Moisty Morning

Even familiar landscapes can seem unfamiliar when shrouded in mist. Familiar landmarks are hidden and one’s world shrinks to the limits of one’s vision.

Waking up to drizzle or thick mist in a game reserve could put a dampener on ideas of going for a game drive. Mist does make it more difficult to see animals from a distance and yet, if one drives slowly, it is amazing what one can see: a kudu appearing seemingly out of nowhere right next to the road and a zebra looming out of the mist, more clearly visible because of its stripes. Both creatures bearing an air of mystery in the mist as one cannot make out if there are many other animals nearby, where they are going or where they have come from.

Once the sun rises higher and the layer of mist dissipates, the world looks different as hitherto hidden vistas open up to stretch as far as the eye can see and animals appear to stand out more clearly than ever before. These pictures of kudu and zebra were taken on the same day in the Addo Elephant National Park, showing how worth it a drive through the mist can be and how different they look in the sunshine that follows.

Zebra in mist

Zebra in sunshine

kudu in mistKudu closeup

   zebra in sunshine


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