We woke to the soft sound of light rain early this morning and watched as silvery curtains of raindrops swept past the window in the breeze. Laughing Doves darted out from the shelter of the fig tree to find seeds on the sodden lawn and a queue of birds including sunbirds, Cape White-eyes and Blackeyed Bulbuls, made a beeline for the nectar feeder (‘the pub’) before retreating to some secret place behind the leaves.

I listened to the swishing sound of tyres on the wet street and welcomed the dampness of this grey day. We seldom turn our noses up at rain in the Eastern Cape for we so often had to endure long periods without.

Water droplets sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight, such as these on a nasturtium leaf in our garden.

SONY DSCI have already shown the mystery of a zebra appearing in the mist in the Addo Elephant National Park. Usually when we wake to our town shrouded in thick mist during the summer months we know that we are in for a stinker of a hot day. On a rainy day like today though, the heavily laden clouds gently caress the top of the surrounding hills or retreat to form an even greyness that casts an eerie light on the ground.

While on the subject of the Addo Elephant National Park, I loved watching this particular herd bathing in a waterhole: they tramped around the edges, squishing up the mud, and squirted muddy water over their bodies until they glistened elephant in mud bathin the sunlight and changed the colour of these wonderful creatures as the mud dried.

Along with the pattering of raindrops against the window panes and the wonderful excuse to stay indoors on such a rainy day comes the joy of seeing a rainbow – or part of one – peeping through the clouds.


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