Tea contains antioxidants that boost the immune system.”

That is what numerous articles on the beverage tell us and it is good to know that my favourite day time drink is considered to have some health benefits.

In my collection of teas is a mild, flavourful, every day drinking tea called KETEPA Pride Kenya Black Tea. The fine granules – “selected” of course – caught up in the bags are said to allow for a quicker infusion, which is the tea’s selling point. This might be so, yet they give the impression of floor sweepings comparable to the cheaper teas readily available in our supermarkets.

Then again, there are sweepings and sweepings. That these originate from Kenya make them special for the Kenyans are renowned for growing among the best teas in the world. Apparently this has a lot to do with the high altitude and rich volcanic soils where the tea is grown.

KETEPA Pride Kenya Black Tea contains no added flavourings and does not pretend to be anything special. The name says it all: Kenyan tea is good. I rate it as a pleasant drink that preferably needs to steep for longer than the recommended four minutes to draw a fuller flavour, otherwise it has what I can only describe as a ‘thin’ taste.

My first taste of this tea had me hooked when a colleague brought me a packet after a trip to Kenya some years ago. Since then I have been kept well supplied by a friend who passes on packets every now and then that she receives as gifts: she is a Five Roses only kind of person!

Her loss is definitely my gain.

Upon scrutinising my bag of KETEPA Pride Kenyan tea bags, I find the unusual name is derived from the company that blends and distributes the tea: Kenya Tea Packers Ltd. The company was registered in 1977 to supply the local market only before starting to export tea in 1992. Thank goodness they can, so that we can also enjoy a refreshing cup of Kenyan Black Tea!

KETEPA Pride tea

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