Daisy the tortoise arrived in February and has enjoyed a peaceful life in our garden since then – until recently. We were alerted to an odd crunching noise and found the neighbouring hound with Daisy in its mouth!

Fortunately Labradors are soft-mouthed dogs, and I doubt if this one really knew what it was doing. It would probably have lost interest before long, but we weren’t taking any chances and sent him home. He was dog non grata for several days and now knows to give Daisy a wide birth when he comes to visit.

What about Daisy? The shell has been munched on two sides, so does not look as smartly edged as before. The tortoise was not seen for a couple of days – which had us worried. Then she reappeared looking as content as before. For the past week she has been sunning herself against the bottom step leading to our front door and sheltering under the succulents.


So, Daisy has survived another potentially life-threatening situation. Long live Daisy!


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