Daisy the tortoise is no more.

No, this is not a sorry tale about Daisy meeting a sticky end, instead …

We have so enjoyed watching Daisy moving around the garden since the advent of spring. She now regularly leaves her wintering-over place in the nest of leaves near the pool pump to wander across the lawn while eating grass and nibbling at broad-leaved weeds along the way. She is then in the habit of sunning herself on the bricks for a while before seeking shelter from the sun by hiding under the ivy leaves or crawling under a lavender bush.

Daisy has, happily, survived the winter and is doing well … well, Daisy was doing well …

Until a close inspection of Tortoises Terrapins & Turtles of Africa by Bill Branch revealed that counting scales is not a reliable method of sexing Angulate tortoises – which are endemic to the Eastern Cape, by the way. It is easier and more reliable to turn the tortoise over.

tortoise diagram

We did and have thus discovered that Daisy is actually Bryan.

Welcome to our garden, Bryan!

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