It is well known that at whatever time of the day you arrive at my home, you are bound to be offered tea. Equally well known is that I seldom offer the same tea twice in a row and will always tell you what tea you are drinking – most visitors can only tell if it is not ‘ordinary’ tea. If you are not partial to it, there are plenty of other varieties to choose from – I will not be offended.

I have been blessed with gifts of tea and generally spy out the shelves of any supermarket away from home. Residents in most other towns enjoy a wider variety of teas to choose from than we do.Thus, I returned from Cape Town armed with vanilla tea and orange pekoe. My supply of lapsang souchong has been topped up; we have tried Twinings Liquorice Allsorts tea; and B brought round a box of really delicious Dragonmoon tea, which we have enjoyed on several occasions.

Today was as good as any to clear the shelves and fill up the recycling bag for the next collection. The boxes that have accumulated over the past few weeks is a small indication of the teas we have consumed of late.

The powdered ginger teas make pleasant cold-weather drinks. These boxes were dipped into during the winter and finished during the long spell of inclement weather leading up to the New Year.

Twinings Earl Grey tea is a staple offering – alongside the Five Roses and Liptons varieties, with Lady Grey a pleasantly fruity alternative. Earl Grey with blue flower is also a pleasant change.

Breakfast tea is always appreciated for its full-bodied flavour and strong colour.

A rather special tea we have enjoyed is Dilmah’s Italian Almond Tea, a gift from C. While it is delicious on its own, for those who find the almond flavour too strong I mix it with a bag of Ceylon tea – also a very pleasant cuppa indeed!



4 thoughts on “TIME FOR TEA

  1. Please would you be kind enough to tell me where I can find Lapsang Souchong in Cape Town (preferably Twining, but not overly fussy) – I miss the tea I drink at home. Earl Grey can only act as a substitute for so long…


    • Hello Tara, I have been in the Kruger National Park for a while – hence my late reply! Whenever I am in Cape Town I stock up on Lapsang Souchong at the Peacock Tea and Coffee shop opposite the entrance to the Rondebosch Pick ‘n Pay – not Twinings, but tastes good anyway!


    • I too have often wondered why the same company packages its teas differently in different countries. I love searching for different teas wherever I go and have been the fortunate recipient of teas from various parts of the world, thanks to people who travel more widely than I do!

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