January’s theme appears to be ‘rescue’.

I was met by a pair of outstretched hand carefully balancing a dragonfly (is it a dragonfly?) that M had found floating in the pool, its wings seemingly glued to the surface of the water.

“I studied dragonflies at school,” M announced earnestly. “This one just needs to dry its wings and it’ll be able to fly.”

She placed it very gently on an aloe leaf and we watched as its feelers moved; as the delicate wings spread out and glinted wetly in the bright sunlight; as they flapped experimentally; and cheered when the dragonfly fluttered a short distance to land on the brick edging of the pool.


It took only a few moments for the dragonfly to regain full use of its intricately veined wings and to fly away as if nothing untoward had happened.

Meanwhile, we have scoured the books on our shelves and pictures on the Internet to try and identify this pretty creature to no avail. If anyone out there recognises what it is, we would love to know!


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