Four interesting things have appeared in my garden recently. The first is an insect nest of some kind.  I have seen them several times over the years and always wonder, given the size and intricacies of the construction, why I have not noticed them as ‘buildings in progress’ and what will emerge in the end. There was a smaller version in the Cape Town garden I visited recently too.  Whose home is this?


I have featured the rain frog, seen below, before but have not yet been able to identify it – can you?


The other evening I was surprised to see this stick insect on the wall close to me. I have seen stick insects before – ones that usually look like dry grass and once even one that looked like a small stick. This one is thin and green. Any ideas about what kind it is?


And a final one for the sleuths out there: this large toad – its warty looks make it a ripe candidate for the companion of the witches in storybooks – was catching insects on the back steps the other evening. What might he be?



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