Just as the ‘flatty’ spiders and daddy-long-legs have infiltrated our home in the Eastern Cape, so did the geckos in my childhood home in the Lowveld.

There they would hide behind pictures and suddenly scuttle across the tongue and groove walls to catch their unsuspecting prey. What to me seemed like little paddy ‘paws’ with their sucker-like properties was endlessly fascinating – as was their ability to shed their tails, leaving them wriggling behind as they escaped from danger. As a youngster, I was relieved to learn that geckos are able to regenerate their tails.

Geckos come in a variety of sizes and colours, ranging from this large speckled one


to this tiny one exploring the walls of the Kowie Museum in Port Alfred.


Some are dark


While others are so pale that they hide from the daylight and feast on prey attracted to the lights at night, such as this one seen in the Kruger National Park.



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