With a wild fig tree in our garden, we know that we have to constantly be on the lookout for seedlings that spring up closer to the house – especially those that find a niche in cracks in the steps or anywhere else on the building itself. Leave them for ‘another day’ and we might be in trouble of the very expensive kind!

A second fig has been growing virtually unnoticed in the ‘wild’ part of the garden – for how long I am not sure, although I do remember thinking a year or two back that we should get rid of it, given how enormous the parent tree is – until it now towers above the terrace and its trunk is thickening out. The time has definitely come to do something about it. I will show you why.

These pictures are of a small outbuilding on a farm – it was quite likely an outside toilet in its heyday – where a tiny seed must have lodged itself and grew and grew and GREW!





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