The heat wave here continues unabated. Almost from the moment the sun rises above the mountains, the heat seeps into even the densest shade in the garden. There is little relief from it until nightfall. Even the swimming pool feels too warm to be refreshing after being in it for only a few minutes.

It is natural to reach for cold beverages during hot weather and we have thoroughly enjoyed the tangy, refreshing taste of the lemon cordial made from the abundance of lemons on our tree this summer. This is not a breakfast drink though. Breakfast to me is not the same without tea.

Given the zesty tart taste of lemons, I brewed a pot of Five Roses Lemon Flavour tea to enjoy in the forested part of my garden this morning. It is light, refreshing and is the perfect accompaniment to the birds flocking to the nectar feeder, the bird baths and to the seed scattered on the crispy remnants of the lawn.


I was first introduced to the Lemon Flavour tea while holidaying at Ekuthuleni with my brothers. The zingy, fresh aroma of the tea this morning took me back to that spacious deck overlooking the Olifants River. There I watched crocodiles and hippos while sipping my tea. At home I enjoyed the Lemon Flavour tea while watching a Cape Robin bathing in the bird bath almost at my elbow, two Village Weavers drinking from another further away, a group of Bronze Manikins eating seeds at the feeder, and a Black-headed Oriole making frequent visits to the ‘pub’. It is an excellent ‘hot weather’ tea.


4 thoughts on “LEMON FLAVOUR TEA

  1. Thank you for your comment. On this very hot morning I am enjoying a cup of liquorice tea – deliciously refreshing and a good start to the day. It is good without milk too.


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