Flatties are such common spiders to have in the house that we tend to take little notice of them. They are great to have around for they eat flies and mosquitoes. This past week, for example, I have noted that a large one has taken up residence on or near our basin in the bathroom. Thankfully, it obligingly moves away before I brush my teeth at night. The very thin bodies of these spiders allow them to move into the tiniest of cracks at lightning speed, which is fine – except when one decides to surprise me in my bath!

flattie spider
Another likes to hang around the kettle in the kitchen. It too moves away whenever I approach the kettle, but only as far as the fridge, where I suspect it watches my movements impatiently while hoping I will leave soon.

There is a flattie that resides on the trailer just inside the back garage door. This one is bold and seldom moves more than a few millimetres when I open the door in the morning and place the lock on the trailer. I keep a sharp eye out for it – it is much more placid than the one that likes the inside of the metal door. That one skitters across the surface in a flash, leaving me wondering where it has gone.

Another place the flatties like to lurk is behind pictures. Perhaps it is because they have a readymade ‘hide’ from which they can pounce on their unsuspecting prey – they are definitely fast-moving hunters! Fortunately though they are harmless and so remain welcome visitors to our home.

Although we often see flatties (also known as wall spiders) – dare I say flattening themselves against – the walls of the lounge and elsewhere in the house, they appear to be most active at night.

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