The Easter weekend seems to be an appropriate time to write about one of the recent offerings from Five Roses: Sacred Knight tea.

Despite the hefty price tag, I couldn’t resist the sleek chunky black box with a knight in shining armour against a colourful background of pennants, leaves and crowns as if he was the crowd favourite riding into a jousting competition.

Sacred Knight tea

Equally attractive is the by-line: 100% Ceylon tea with chocolate pieces and cocoa. Having thoroughly enjoyed the Ship Ahoy tea last year (see August 2015) I had an inkling of the enjoyment that lay within. The ingredients list is yummy: black tea, chocolate pieces, cocoa, caramel flavouring, vanilla flavouring, and English toffee flavouring.

The pyramid-shaped tea bags are ideal for holding all those ingredients – what a pity there are only 15 of them in that large box – while they brew for three to five minutes. It is well worth the wait, for the resulting tea is delicious with or without milk. The flavour is a rounded infusion of robust chocolate that delights the senses. I find that one cup is enough and can easily be served in place of dessert.

A quick online view of the tea this morning reveals that it is probably cheaper to purchase it online than in the shops! Anything with ‘superior’ in its name seems to demand a premium price tag – more is the pity for it places itself out of the pleasure range of many tea lovers who would otherwise enjoy it. My box is going to have to last a while and so each cup will be enjoyed slowly and to the full.


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