A handful of successful specimens of Bauhinia galpinii (Pride-of-De-Kaap) growing in this town encouraged me to plant one in our garden soon after we moved here. Why plant a native to the De Kaap valley in Mpumalanga in my Eastern Cape garden? The simple answer is that I grew up there and these beautiful flowers are as much part of my childhood memories as the Ginger Bush (Tetradenia riparia) is that I wrote about earlier.


Even though it grows successfully in some Eastern Cape gardens, I think the conditions were too dry in mine and the plant possibly received too little sun as the trees and shrubs we planted grew up. The Pride-of-De-Kaap prefers the moister bushveld areas of the country and so planting it here was a long shot on my part. It held on valiantly for nearly two decades – never flowered – and now has given up the task.

I would still like to try one so that I can enjoy the lovely flowers and have a reminder of my youth spent in a place so very different from where I live now.


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