Despite the aridness of the veld, the temperature ranging from 7°C to 24°C during the day, and a stiff breeze blowing, I managed to observe several different species of birds during our recent day trip to the Addo Elephant National Park.

I have already shown you the portrait of a Cape Weaver at the Domkrag waterhole, where we also spotted a Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Egyptian Geese, Moorhens, Little Grebes, and a Spoonbill that spent a lot of time preening itself.


It was at Ghwarrie Dam later on that we observed Blacksmith Plovers, Red-billed Teals, South African Shelducks and two pairs of Stilts.


Driving through the Park provides a wonderful opportunity to see a variety of birds – although it is not always easy to photograph them! On this trip I made a special effort to capture the ubiquitous Pied Crow

pied crow

As well as a Black-shouldered Kite.

blackshouldered kite

Our picnic lunch was enlivened by a curious Boubou Shrike that inspected all the food on the table.


Some Red-necked Spurfowl worked their way through the gravel on the lookout for any fallen titbits while we were getting ready to leave.

Rednecked Spurfowl

My full bird list for the day is:

Barthroated Apalis
Black Crow
Blackshouldered Kite
Blacksmith Plover
Boubou Shrike
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Cape Glossy Starling
Cape Robin
Cape Turtle Dove
Cape Wagtail
Cape Weaver
Egyptian Goose
Fiscal Shrike
Forktailed Drongo
Greater Double-collard Sunbird
Hadeda Ibis
Helmeted Guineafowl
Jackal Buzzard
Laughing Dove
Little Grebe
Martial Eagle
Pied Crow
Pied Starling
Red-billed Teal
Red-necked Spurfowl
Red-winged Starling
Sombre Bulbul
South African Shelduck
Speckled Mousebird
Village Weaver


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