Jackal Buzzards are seen here from time to time, yet it was especially exciting yesterday to see one perched on a lamp post just over the road from where we live. As I was driving at the time, I parked at the side of the road, hazard lights flicking, while I had a good look at this magnificent bird looking down at me. Errand over and there was no sign of it until I turned up a side street and there it was, perched on a large sign board nearby. I rushed home to collect my camera and walked back to where I had last seen it … birds and cameras: it seemed to wait for me to approach within focusing distance then flew off to some large trees some distance away. I contented myself instead by photographing Crowned Plovers (Lapwings) and Hadeda Ibises in the vicinity.

A phonecall some time later alerted me to the presence of the Jackal Buzzard on the lamp post again. This time I approached it on foot with more caution, photographed it from a distance and then crossed the road to see how much closer I could get.

Jackal Buzzard

It was perched on one leg, which I thought a bit odd, and flew off after only a moment or two – again alighting in the large trees further up the road. As you can see from these photographs, there must be something wrong with its other leg for it appears to be held tight against its body.

jackal buzzard

This has left me wondering if it is injured, how it is injured, and how it is managing with its disability.


2 thoughts on “JACKAL BUZZARD

  1. Thank you, Cal. I cannot get the long-term fate of this bird out of my mind. It is interesting to me that actually photographing a bird can be an aid to seeing it in more detail – I had not noticed the pulled back leg while I was looking at the Jackal Buzzard from my car.


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