It is official: according to the market research agency Insight Survey’s latest South African Tea Industry Landscape Report 2016, South African tea drinkers are moving towards a preference for Rooibos rather than Black Tea. I am not surprised for such is the demand for it that Rooibos is commonly offered at public functions and is widely consumed by many people I know.

Although Rooibos is still not being consumed in as greater quantities as Black Tea, its consumption, both locally and globally, is growing. Rooibos lovers now make up over 30% of tea drinkers in South Africa. The perceived health benefits of Rooibos are helping to boost its market share – not only here but abroad too. About 7 000 tonnes of Rooibos is exported to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom.

In honour of this information, let me show you some of the varieties of Rooibos in my tea cupboard:

rooibos tea

This is the standard Rooibos fare – plain Rooibos – although some tea lovers swear by one brand over the other. South Africans are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to the choice of brands.

rooibos watermelon and mint

A combination of watermelon and mint sounds heavenly. Unfortunately, the mint taste is overpowering, so not much of the watermelon comes through. It makes a good base for iced tea though.

rooibos ginger

This is a perfect drink on a chilly evening.

rooibos lemon

Lemon-infused rooibos is an ideal summer drink and also makes a good base for iced tea.




  1. Enjoy your summer – we are looking forward to warm days again. Watermelon is a subtle flavour and one probably has to steep the bags for longer than I usually do to get the fullness of it. I have no idea how they manage to ‘capture’ it for the tea 🙂


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