Following on the growing popularity of Rooibos tea in this country, I feel I should draw your attention to a refreshing flavour infusion by Twinings called Raspberry and Dragon Fruit.

raspberry and dragonfruit tea

I have never eaten a real dragon fruit, so cannot attest to its flavour. Although the familiar fruity tart sweetness of the raspberries is offset by something else, I suspect the dragon fruit flavour might be lost in the same way that the watermelon is lost in the Watermelon and Mint Rooibos I wrote about recently. Other ingredients include hibiscus, rosehips, blackberry leaves, liquorice root, and lychee flavouring. None of these come to the fore though so, for me, this is a really delicious raspberry tea.

I thoroughly enjoy the raspberry aroma – it reminds me of my aunt in England in whose garden I tasted fresh raspberries for the first time. Happily, we can also purchase them here in the Eastern Cape. The colour of this infusion is a beautiful rich deep pink that makes it a delight to look at as well as to sip slowly.

Raspberry and Dragon Fruit would make a delicious base for iced tea for it can be equally enjoyed piping hot or ice cold. I like it plain, without the addition of milk, sugar or honey.


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