Away from street signs, billboards and neon lights, here is a sample of some signs that are very useful:

Beware of lions

These must rate among the most photographed signs in South Africa’s national parks – this one was taken in the Addo Elephant National Park. They are usually erected at viewpoints where visitors are allowed to get out of their vehicles at their own risk. I have seen some photographs of lions next to such signs, although have never actually seen one.

Beware of lions

Do not walk in the flower beds

This is a gentle reminder to respect the gardens in Green Point Park, Cape Town.

Respect gardens

National Monument

These markers are generally found on buildings and other places of particular historical significance in South Africa and are a pointer to our cultural and historical heritage.

National Monument

No dogs allowed

Also in the Green Point Park is a different take on the usual ‘no dogs allowed’ sign.

no dogs allowed

Stay in your vehicle

A typical sign found in national parks – this one is in the Addo Elephant National Park – giving sound advice aimed at ensuring the safety of visitors. You might be surprised at the number of tourists who ignore these, usually because they want a better viewpoint for a photograph.

Stay in your vehicle

Tree information

All the indigenous trees in South Africa have a number for easy identification. Informative signs such as these in parks and nature reserves – this one was taken in the Kruger National Park – add to one’s enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

tree information


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