WhatsApp has proved to be a marvellous platform for connecting me with my family. Looking through some of the images I have amassed over time, I have become aware of how often my family send me pictures of food they have made or are enjoying somewhere – and that I have sent a fair number of pictures to them!

 Food and family go together like cup and saucer or brush and comb. As our family has dispersed I realise how much closer these food images bring us together – as if we are in each other’s kitchens, smelling the aroma of cooking, or tasting the results of the baking, or even as though we are chatting to each other during the preparation of food. None of the images would make it into a culinary publication – they are not meant to – for they are entirely focused on conveying a triumph / a look what I did / I wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

Here are a few of them:


Who wouldn’t want to hop on an aeroplane to enjoy some of this scrumptious cake?

birthday cake

Or arrive at this Princess Birthday party?


These biscotti tasted delicious despite their artisinal look.


This was a special dinner I missed and yet the image had me mentally sitting at the table with the family.


Showing off flatbreads after having watched Gordon Ramsay demonstrating how to work with dough on a television programme.

tea and scones

Showing my children a perfect stop over for tea at the end of a wonderful holiday with my brothers.


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