Camping in the Karoo during the winter is not for sissies: we pitched our tent in the pouring rain, experienced a light shower of hail, icy wind and bright sunshine. During our four days in the Mountain Zebra National Park the temperature ranged from below freezing to a pleasant high of 18°C.

Mountain Zebra National Park

The windy, wet conditions on our arrival had most animals seeking some form of shelter, like this herd of Springbuck huddled in the short grass with their faces pointed to the wind.

wet springbuck

These Cape Mountain Zebra were soggy.

wet mountain zbra

As was this Kudu doe.

wet kudu

Ostriches walked through the veld with wet feathers hanging limply from their bodies.

wet ostrich

Water shone in pools and ribbons in the wet landscape.


In the days to follow there would be a lot of interesting animals, birds and insects to see – enough to make us eager to get out into the veld at the first opportunity!


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