The Sweni Hide in the Kruger National Park must rank as one of the best places to spend time in for it is spacious, airy, and commands a wonderful view of the Sweni River.

Sweni Hide

Sweni Hide

With resident hippos, crocodiles, Egyptian Geese, Black Crakes, African Pied Wagtails, a Grey Heron, Blacksmith Plovers, Water Thick-knees, and a Yellow-billed Stork, there was always something to watch.

yellow-billed stork

yellow-billed stork

We watched a herd of over forty elephants fan around the water to drink, wallow and spray themselves with mud.



A troop of chacma baboons spent time working their way from one end of the waterhole to well beyond the hide: eating, chasing each other, grooming one another, and drinking.

chacma baboons

One crocodile spent several hours catching fish while others basked in the sun on the rocks or lay quietly in the water.



A pod of hippos, which had been lying on the sandy bank, entered the water en masse when an elephant came down the slope.


Impala, kudu, and waterbuck also came down to drink. As at Transport Dam, we were never out of sight of something to watch. The difference was that here we could move around and enjoy a cool breeze.


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