Looking back on the past entries relating to our visit to the Kruger National Park, I realise that I have painted a rather bleak picture of it under the current drought conditions. It was not all doom and gloom: we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and had some wonderful experiences seeing a variety of animals. Here is a sample of them:

I have mentioned elsewhere that vervet monkeys can become a nuisance in the camping sites. This was especially so at Berg-en-Dal and to a lesser extent at Satara. One simply needs to be careful not to leave food out and to keep one’s tent / trailer / caravan closed. Having said that, it is a delight to watch these creatures as they move through the camp searching out berries, seeds and other titbits to eat. They are playful and caring with each other.

vervet monkey

In the Eastern Cape we are used to seeing black wildebeest and so enjoyed the blue wildebeest (or brindled gnu) in their natural habitat.

blue wildebeest

We also saw several bushbuck.


Waterbuck were plentiful – some in herds in the veld, others in the dry river beds and we would occasionally see single ones at waterholes, such as this one at Transport Dam:


For some reason there seemed to be fewer epauletted fruit bats roosting under the eaves of the shop at Skukuza than I have seen before.

epauletted fruit bats

Leopards were a great attraction for tourists. We kept missing them until we reached the area around Satara. Even then we really only saw them because someone else had ‘spotted’ them first!


Spotted hyena were a drawcard too.

spotted hyena

Late afternoons were the best time to see steenbok.


We were fortunate to come across a small herd of nyala.


And then there were the lions – animals on everyone’s wish list.



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