Have you succumbed to the trend for ‘adult’ colouring books? The only thing ‘adult’ about many of them is that some of the pictures tend to consist of a burst of tiny shapes – and the price! I have always enjoyed colouring in since I was a child and have loved spending time doing so with my children and grandchildren. Not being the artist I would like to be in another life, I enjoy the freedom of using whatever colour comes to hand and the focus on the picture that keeps any other demands temporarily at bay. ‘Adult’ colouring books claim to be therapeutic and all the rest – so are any colouring books, I assure you.

As an adult though – with no children to use as an excuse – it seems to be a guilty pleasure to simply ‘colour in’ when you feel tired or dispirited or have only a few minutes in hand before having to get on with something else ‘more meaningful’. I think it is that guilt factor that prevents us from colouring in: there are always more ‘important’ things to do – tasks that ‘add value’ to our home / family / careers …

This is the success / appeal of ‘adult’ colouring books: the covers that claim the therapeutic benefits of colouring in (or something of that ilk) provide a veneer of respectability to an activity that some of us would like to do anyway.


I succumbed. Yet, I confess to taking months to finish the very first picture – this colourful cat – because I still felt guilty about becoming absorbed in the choice of colours, the satisfactory feel of pencil crayons moving over the paper, and looking at the progress as each space was filled. I have had this book for nearly two years already and am only on my third picture – granted, they are very detailed.

Are you a ‘secret’ colourer too?


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