As fine china goes, this is not precious at all – good old Continental China it is – but to me this little milk jug is one of my most treasured possessions.

Barberton Milk Jug

It features the indigenous sub-tropical Gerbera jamesonii which is commonly known as the Barberton Daisy. In their natural state, these flowers are at home in the eroded sandy granite soil around the town of Barberton – near which I grew up – hence its name.

What makes this jug special is that it was given to me by my late father as something to remember my roots by – as if I could ever forget growing up in that wonderful part of the country! I have often used it, although these days tend to keep it for special occasions for it is irreplaceable in terms of its sentimental value.

The Barberton Daisy is also featured on the cover of a book my father wrote about the history of the area, Golden Memories of Barberton – a very special place and a most wonderful person!



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