As we walk around gardens, we tend to take in the broad sweep of trees, grass, flowers, vegetables and paths – perhaps noticing the odd weed to be pulled, branches to be trimmed, bare patches to be filled, and general pruning to be done. This morning called for a much closer look at what is in my garden. These are some of what I discovered:

fly on daisy

While the Marguerite daisies I have showed off before are still providing a dazzling display of white blooms next to the swimming pool, a closer look shows not only this metallic coloured fly in the centre of this one, but you will see tiny threads of spider web linking some of the bottom petals in this image. If there is a tiny spider on these flowers, I could not find one.

leaf in spiderweb

I couldn’t find the spider that built this intricate bridge spanning the narrow gap between the steps and a wall either. Trapped within it though are tendrils from the Virginia creeper and a tiny yellow leaf.


The purple and white petunias I planted last week begged for a closer look – again, we tend to admire their overall beauty from afar – and I am struck by the intricate veins and the patterns within the delicate petals that draw the eye (and presumably the bees and other insects) down to the centre.


An interesting bloom of a different kind is the lichen growing on the branches of the frangipani and the bloom of algae in the bird bath after the heat of yesterday.


A number of interesting colours and compositions caught my eye too:


A feather on the leaf litter.

kei apple

A fallen Kei apple.

snail shell

And a snail shell.


    • Thank you Belinda. After posting this entry I happened across a bright green praying mantid, a large bumblebee – and a dead rat. I might repeat this ‘macro walk’ during another month.

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