Of course one expects to see elephants in the Addo Elephant National Park and we were not disappointed:

Three bulls at the Peasland Waterhole spent a long time slurping water from the bottom of the concrete waterhole (note the warthogs are almost lost in it – an indication of how low the water level was) and blowing it around the dry sides. At times they almost bumped heads they were standing so close to each other.

elephant bulls

A large family group gathered at the Lismore Waterhole were fascinating to watch as they included elephants of all ages.

elephant family

They stood close together to drink.

elephants drinking

The elephants presented a forest of legs when seen from the rear.

rear of elephants

Two young male calves busied themselves on the fringe pushing and shoving each other – just as little boys might do at a family gathering:

elephants playing

elephants playing

elephants playing

Look at this tiny youngster among a smaller family group drinking at the Marion Baree Waterhole:

baby elephant

This car – and several others behind it – had to wait a while before these two elephants decided to give way.


Our last view was this lone elephant having a late afternoon drink at the Domkrag Waterhole.


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