We considered ourselves fortunate to see a youngish Cape buffalo bull (Syncerus caffer) on the fringes of the large family group of elephants gathered at the Lismore Waterhole as we haven’t seen them at all on our previous few visits to the Addo Elephant National Park.

Cape buffalo

We later saw another lone bull knee-deep in a lush growth of grass and herby-looking plants. Co-operation was not his first name: he was so engrossed in his meal that he didn’t bother looking up even though we were parked fairly close to him for some time – hence my close-up views of the thick boss from which the horns grow.

Cape buffalo

Cape buffalo

Five buffalo had spread themselves on the hillside above the Ngulube Waterhole, three of which can be seen in the image below:

Ngulube Waterhole

This has been a good day for buffalo, we thought – until we drove out towards Arizona Dam. It was unbelievable at first … we gasped … and then we counted … and continued to count, for in the broad grassy plain close to three hundred buffalo were grazing, creating a most magnificent spectacle!

Cape buffalo


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