Except that for many married women in this country – and the thousands of poverty-stricken citizens – this is no joke. If you want to open a bank account, purchase your vehicle licence, own a cell phone, renew your driver’s licence and myriad other bureaucratic issues that are woven into our lives you are required by law to provide proof of where you live. A plain street address will not suffice; a postal address in a no-no (everyone knows post boxes are too small for an abode); getting someone to vouch for your permanent residence at a particular house / flat / digs / shack is no good either.

To make it ‘easy’ the government requires you to provide a utility bill not older than three months. This can be your electricity /water / rates bill. Fine. It is not customary to issue such a bill in the name of every member of a family or group of students or inhabitants of every house. Those living in shacks generally do not have such services anyway and thus have no way of proving where they live in this manner.

Of course there are time-consuming methods of overcoming these problems …


Hence the joke – my apology to the originator of this meme that has done the rounds of social media often enough to surely be in the public domain by now – of a group of people physically bringing their house to show the bank where they live.

Humour is an important aspect of surviving in this country!


5 thoughts on “J IS FOR JOKE

  1. This really hit my funny bone – I couldn’t stop laughing. We’re going through this right now as we’ve changed our address and we don’t have male sent to our street address – just a PO Box – And to top that our residence in in a Trust. What a nightmare to get a bill sent to one of our names! Don’t get me started!


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