We have mentioned packaging before – how the same brand of tea is sometimes packaged differently in different countries.  Enter Twinings Vanilla Tea – that smooth and creamy tea that is a joy to drink when one has the time to linger a little.  Steep it for three to four minutes for a deliciously fragrant drink – with or without milk added. It is sweet enough on its own, so I would not recommend that traditional ‘sugar-scoopers’ add any sweetener until they have enjoyed the full fragrance of the tea and sipped it at least. It bursts with flavour and aroma.

I became familiar with Twinings Vanilla Tea in this guise.


More recently I was given a box of tea bags – same delicious flavour – in this guise that comes from the UK, oozing a boldness and suggesting a robust experience.


Now enter the Grey family. The first is Twinings Lady Grey Tea, which I am familiar with in this rather self-effacing box.


From my same darling source comes a box from the UK in a much bolder outfit with splashes of orange that calls for attention.


A rose by any other name, they say. Whatever the sartorial cover, Lady Grey makes a pleasant, lighter, change from the stronger Earl Grey with the addition of orange and lemon peels that give it a zesty edge. I am most surprised to find that the Lady Grey blend was only created around 1994! It too is on the sweet side, so I would not recommend adding sugar, and while I enjoy it very much, I brew it only every now and then. It makes a pleasant after-dinner drink.

I have left what is to become a firm favourite until last: Five Roses Admiral Grey Tea. Like the Lady Grey, it is a magnificent blend of black tea leaves with bergamot and citrus – the sweet, fruity flavours are more subtle, however, giving the brew a more robust flavour which I find is a perfect pick-me-up tea.

Admiral Grey tea

My trio of teas today were gifts from family members who often indulge my enjoyment of trying out different teas by adding to my collection. Thank you all!


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