The cracks I saw in the Lesser-striped Swallow nest have proved to be disastrous. Having watched the birds bringing lining materials one blade of grass or feather at a time, I was hopeful that their chances of raising their first family early in the season were good. That was not to be for the bowl of the nest fell down on Wednesday.

lesser-striped swallow nest

All that hard work for naught. The pair of swallows spent the night perched on the bathroom window. I listened to their chirruping with a heavy heart. A pair of White-rumped Swifts (which do not construct their own nests) spent much of yesterday flying around the house and swooping in to inspect the remains of this nest – were they responsible for the destruction? The Lesser-striped Swallows headed them off time and again. Today all is quiet. There is no sign of the swifts, and the two swallows are spending some time perched on the telephone wires or flying across the back garden. In this hot, dry weather, I cannot help wondering where they will source sufficient mud to rebuild their home. It must be so disheartening.

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