Isn’t it odd the way some days seem to flow smoothly to a satisfying end while others have a jerky, stop-start feel to them that are only mildly satisfying upon reflection?

I am usually busy from the word ‘go’. One day, for example, I flew through my list quickly and happily. As each item was ticked off I felt energised to tackle the next. Inveterate list-maker that I am, these ranged from the prosaic laundry and ironing to pulling creepers away from the aloes and planting seeds, to spending time watching and photographing birds.


The following day, by contrast, I felt I couldn’t really get ‘going’ despite having done a pile of ironing before breakfast. I got as far as rehanging the damp washing and ‘stalled’. Nothing stirred a sense of purpose. My lists were meaningless: several were torn up or scrunched before ending up in the wastepaper basket. Actually, if I put my pile of lists together and had to tackle the tasks from the top, I would probably barely have time to drink tea!

Part of my initial excuse might have been that I needed to keep an eye on the time as I was going to a lecture mid-morning. This sub-consciously meant I could neither become fully absorbed in something nor tackle anything physical, like gardening, as I was already dressed for ‘going out’ – such as it is.

Another was the dull, overcast weather in contrast to the brightness of the previous day. That is a flimsy excuse, yet it fluttered around the edges of my mind. There was time only for a quick cup of coffee on my return before making lunch. That lifted my spirits a little as it was interesting putting together the vegetarian bobotie and I felt very gratified by the positive response to it.

I felt sure I could ‘start my day over’ – as I frequently do – after lunch. By then it had rained a little so it was too wet outside to garden. Again, I couldn’t get my teeth into anything – a complete lack of energy and desire. I worked on my yet-to-be-published novel in a mechanical mode. My thoughts, however, had no connection to my actions.

How fortunate it is that every day brings new challenges and the lackadaisical ones do not pop up very often!


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