Among the teas from England I was given last year is a golden, robust and truly refreshing tea that I tend to use sparingly for I am highly unlikely to ever lay my hands on another box. This is Dorset Tea Golden Blend.

Dorset Tea front

The origins of this tea hail from Bournemouth, where Ken Spicer began blending teas from India and Africa in 1934. He certainly made a good job of it – it rivals some of the best breakfast teas I have ever tasted. This is an excellent tea for sharing and so I recommend brewing a pot of it as a delicious choice for afternoon tea.

Place one bag per person in a teapot and allow the tea to infuse with freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. It is a strong, full-bodied tea which I enjoy with a dash of milk. I find it has a naturally ‘sweet’ undertone so would not recommend adding sugar.

Dorset tea back


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