We all receive SPAM in one form or another. I have occasionally wondered if the messages are just random postings in the hope of catching some fish in the Cyber Sea. One has to use the right bait though, so I have kept a close watch on my January SPAM instead of simply deleting it straight away. This is what I have discovered:

After the splurges of the festive season and the shock of school expenses such as uniforms and school fees, it is likely that the average Joe Soaps would be lured by the offer of money that would make their financial woes ‘go away’. I have been offered cash loans at 3, 5%, £888 free chips for gambling, been informed of a donation of $4 2000 000 USD and even a transfer of $42.6 million! Standard Bank has repeatedly alerted me to pending credit on my account and asked me to verify the proof of payment from someone I have never heard of. I have even won first prize in the Spanish lottery!

Right, now that my money troubles have been dealt with, what about a holiday? How to beat holiday blues suggests one, and what about enjoying eight nights’ accommodation in Phuket suggests another.

Then there are several items the courier was unable to get a signature for … provide your details and we’ll do the rest. Did someone really send me a surprise parcel – I wonder what could be inside? Humans are curious creatures after all.

Lastly, there have been invitations to quality five star customer service workshops and, if these don’t suit, what about workshops for corporate messengers and drivers?

I’d rather watch the birds in my garden, thank you!

Blackeyed bulbul


3 thoughts on “JANUARY SPAM

  1. I agree Anne. It’s better to watch the birds and listen to the sounds in your garden. Let the cyber sharks hunt the gullible and greedy.


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