I wonder if the word has got out that my car licence is due for renewal. I have been inundated with offers of licence discs. On the subject of travel, I have also had several more holiday offers, such as the ‘Take a beach break from R2 170’ to cheap holidays in Botswana and the Victoria Falls.


Source: Anne Allan – thank you!

Of course, if I can’t afford any of those I can always take a cash loan of up to R25 million. Wonga Loans have been rather keen to get me into debt this month. Mmm Loan wants me to contact them immediately and Standard Bank has (they say) successfully opened a profile for me – how kind.

Perhaps I should take up the offer of having my horoscope read for the Year of the Rooster or the one for $900 to play at a recently launched casino. Darn, another courier has been unable to deliver a parcel; Jones and Associates Law Firm require me to open a PDF to ensure they follow the necessary steps contained in the file; even the United Nations Economic and Social Council is trying to get hold of me!

Then dear old Edger Hoover has been at it again. He is a persistent fellow who frequently assures me that I am potentially privy to confidential information. I wonder what that could be …


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