The very name Addo Elephant National Park conjures up images of elephants and that is what most visitors expect to see when they arrive. While it is true that on some visits we have literally seen over a hundred elephants, there have been times when we have been fortunate to see the odd one here and there – and even times when not a single elephant has made an appearance!

One has to be patient though and simply driving around the park from one water hole to another is not likely to yield the best results. Be prepared to wait and keep your mind open for other possibilities. I find that African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) – also known as Cape Buffalo – are worth watching, whether you come across a single one or a herd.

Occasionally we have been fortunate enough to observe a buffalo encountering an elephant at a waterhole.

Or cooling off in one on its own.

These bulk grazers bear interestingly shaped horns with those of the males being characterised by a heavy boss.

Their heavy-set bodies and thick legs carry no particular markings, yet I find their faces are fascinating to observe.


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