There is vanilla tea and vanilla tea. I have mentioned before how much I enjoy the delicious, aromatic flavour of vanilla tea and that I purchase a box of it whenever I can get hold of it. It was a friend of my daughter who first introduced me to vanilla tea by bringing a few tea bags for us to try one day – many, many moons ago. Twinings Vanilla Tea is truly delicious – and is the only variety I have found in the shops here – so let me not ‘put it down’ as it were.

The accolade for the champion of vanilla tea must, however, go to Bois Cheri Vanilla Tea Gold Label. The fact that my box contained loose tea leaves may account for it – loose tea always has the edge over bagged tea.

This Mauritian tea was a gift that I have eked out for as long as possible. Today is the last time I was able to savour the fine tea leaves of this exquisitely flavoured tea – I drank a pot of it to the last dregs! The taste is warm and ‘round’, with the aromatic flavour of vanilla lasting long after the tea has been drunk. ‘Pudding’ tea … middle-of-the-morning tea (with no cake or biscuits to interfere with the flavour) … afternoon tea … even last-tea-of-the-day tea.



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