This is the turn of a gift from France: Irresistible Lady Lipton tea. The eye-catching hot pink box is intriguing and looks beautifully feminine.

Open the box and the visual sensation continues.

As does the reverse of the box.

And the contents? Well this is Lady Grey tea under a different guise and so one would expect hints of bergamot and citrus flavours. I prefer to let it steep for up to three minutes to allow the stronger flavours to come through along with the deepening of the amber colour of the tea. The tea is touted as an ‘aromatic affair’: the aroma is good, yet I find that even steeping it for longer, the tea remains a bit ‘thin’ and on the weak side. As sensuous as the box might be, and even the refreshing quality of the tea itself, I admit to preferring the more robust quality of Twinings Lady Grey.

I may nonetheless use Irresistible Lady Lipton as the base for an iced tea – roll on summer!


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