We were too early to witness the full flush of spring flowers in the Addo Elephant National Park. The first rains have wrought a beautiful change nonetheless. See what a section of the park looked like in March 2015:

This is what it looks like now:

The Erythrina lysistemon at the Main Rest Camp provides a bright introduction to spring blooms:

Banks of the Common Gazania (Gazania krebsiana) line the roads:

Very beautiful splashes of yellow are also provided by Rhigozum obovatum:

Then there are Felicia aethiopica, also known as Bloublommetjie:

Along with Felicia filifolia, known as Draaibos:

Pretty (as yet unidentified) flowers include the following:

2018: the above flowers are apparently Small-leaved Sutera (Sutera microphylla).

If any of my readers is able to put a name to them I would be grateful.


6 thoughts on “BLOOMING IN ADDO

  1. It will cost me only $1800 and 44 hours to get there to see these beauties, but that rate applies in mid-october (by then will the colors have dimmed?) — wheras now I am enjoying your wildflowers on my back porch in early autumn a without spending a dime. Such a gift! Thank you.


    • This is the first flush of green after the first spring rain. I hope we get more rain before long to sink into the ground. It IS beautiful though after the barrenness of our previous visit in July.

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