Female Pin-tailed Whydah

This somewhat drab little bird is often overlooked as it searches the ground for seed – or is chased through the tangle of branches and into wide arcs of the sky by her male admirer. He, of the tuxedo with the long tail, is the one who generally catches the attention of human admirers.

Male Pin-tailed Whydah

Our garden has not been claimed as a territory this year – yet – and so we see several males passing through. It is the females that I enjoy watching as they peck at the seeds dropped from the feeders higher up. I enjoy the way they scurry between the much larger Laughing Doves or blend in with the visiting Grey-headed Sparrows, for I like to think they are enjoying some ‘me-time’ to savour their food away from the pesky males, who are constantly on the move.



    • The males are very feisty and remind me of fox terriers in the way they will tackle birds much larger than themselves – as if to say “What are you doing on MY feeding patch?”

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