While I was watching the Forktailed Drongo fledgling being fed in the Natal Fig, my attention was caught by a movement on the branches lower down. There was an Olive Thrush with a beak filled with food for its young!

It perched stock still on the branch above me – in typical fashion pretending to blend in with the surroundings so that I wouldn’t be able to find its nest. Despite searching carefully for the messy nests they build, I could not find where it had been built.

It eyed me – or possibly my camera – curiously.

My attention turned back to the Forktailed Drongo fledgling and when I looked again, the Olive Thrush had returned from its feeding mission and was eyeing me once more – only this time with an empty beak.



  1. This week and last i’ve been looking at Madonna and Child images. Yesterday’s final photograph of the Forktailed Drongo mother looking up at her fledgling struck me as a version of that theme. Today’s too, but in a different way. Coincidence? Rather, timely. And timeless.


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