I laughed this week when I had tea with a friend – that kind of joy that comes from the recognition of something you have in common that is unlikely to be common elsewhere. Well, we are of a similar vintage and what caused my amusement was the copper fish-shaped mould hanging on her kitchen wall. I have one too!

Mine was a wedding present at a time when salmon /tuna mousse was always prepared in such a mould. Some people even went as far as creating an eye for the fish from a slither of a stuffed olive. Fashions change, the way we entertain changes, the types of food on offer changes … with all the moves we have made over the years, my fish mould got relegated to the depths of a kitchen cupboard.

Stumbling across it during a deep cleaning / tidying/ session – or perhaps I was looking for something quite different – last year, I hauled it out and gave it a good wash. Now what to do with it? We were having guests to dinner … why not! I made a tuna mousse as a starter and was taken aback by the memories the moulded fish drew from my guests.

Seeing it on my friend’s kitchen wall momentarily drew us both back to a different time. We thought of different things we could make in it … then she showed me an old fashioned, thick glass jelly mould with all the traditional lumps and bumps that she had found in a charity shop. That set us off on a different train of wild ideas. Somehow the modern silicone versions of these things lack the spirit of ‘creative cooking’.


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