This is a Scotch-cart parked outside the museum in Prince Albert. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information relating to it inside, although it clearly forms part of the history of transport in this country. Interestingly enough, according to the online dictionaries I have consulted, the name Scotch-cart is of South African origin (only one referred to it being of English origin). As you can see from the photograph, it is a light, strongly built, springless two-wheeled tip cart with a detachable back, which would have been drawn by horses or oxen. These carts were typically used for transporting small loads of, say, gravel, wood, or manure and were popular with farmers. The name may have a connection with the design being thought to have originated in Scotland.

Here is an excerpt from my father’s memoirs in which he recalls such a cart in Wales, where he spent his formative years:

I remember once there was a two-wheeled scotch-cart going along the little track next to the beach on the other side, it was accompanied by a man and a dog. I could hear the rumble of the cart, the sudden spit as the wheel split a small pebble with its iron shod tyre as well as the spoken commands of the man to the horse. It was as though I was standing next to them. W.D. Curror: A Brief History of the Currors.


5 thoughts on “SCOTCH-CART

  1. Thank you. There is so much more to see there, but time was short as we still had a way to go. South African dorps generally have a lot to offer from architecture to history.


  2. Your father had a poetic spirit, I think. Just listen:

    I could hear the rumble of the cart,
    the sudden spit as the wheel split
    a small pebble with its iron shod tyre

    Any finished poems in those memoirs? They must be special.


  3. Dis nou weereens so interessant. Ek geniet jou stories uit die verlede, Anne.Ek onthou dat my ma altyd gepraat het van ‘n skotskar, maar dis die eerste keer wat ek besef dat dit so ‘n waentjie is. Gewoonlik het sy so gesê wanneer iemand stadig voor ons ry, dan het sy gesê dis ‘n regte Skotskar.

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