There is no dramatic recolouring of the landscape here. Instead, autumn in our garden is heralded by the subtle fullness of the Natal figs:

These attract African Green Pigeons and Redwinged Starlings by the dozen:

The aloes are swelling in readiness for their winter blooming:

Black-eyed Susan creepers twine around other plants to provide bright colour:

Other splashes of colour come from the plumbago:

Canary creepers and Cape Honeysuckle:

While self-sown butternuts ripen on their vines.

In these years of severe water shortages, I bless the indigenous plants that simply ‘get on with it’ and do their best.

11 thoughts on “HERALDING AUTUMN

    • Different varieties of aloes flower at different times. There is an aloe growing in the veld near our house that is already in full bloom! We are still in the twenties mostly, although today reached 32!

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  1. We have a few of the species you mention in our little garden as well, but we had better get a Natal Fig too as I’d love to be able to boast of green pigeons in my garden!


  2. When i find myself in a dry interior season, i hope I can call up that last sentence as a motivator. Indeed, plants can teach us.

    I suspect the quotation marks indicate that you’ve said this often (to children? To students?) or heard it– probably from parents or grandparents.


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