Not only is Earth Day to celebrate what we know we have, to rejoice in the diversity of the natural world, and to resolve to do our best to protect it as best we can, it is also about discovering some of nature’s richness we were unaware of. Take this, for example:

It was attracting flies and so needed a closer look:

A large ‘ice-cream cone’ in shape:

The flies are definitely attracted what could be construed as ‘chocolate sauce’:

Today is the first time I have seen such a fungus growing in my garden. If anyone can identify it I would be very pleased.

Happy Earth Day!

6 thoughts on “EARTH DAY 2018

  1. I expect it is a kind of stinkhorn. It mimics rotten meat in order to attract flies. From the web: “The method the stinkhorns use to disperse spores is quite ingenious, though a little disgusting to human sensibilities. The foul-smelling slime is calculated to attract flies and other insects, who land on the slime and gobble it up. Little do the insects know that they have been duped into covering their little insect feet with stinkhorn spores, and have ingested spores into their digestive tracts! Later, these spores are dispersed by the unwitting insects, and the stinkhorn life-cycle continues elsewhere.”

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    • Thank you for sending me such a useful signpost Eliza! Looking through references to South African fungi,it seems this one might be Coral Stinkhorn (Kalchbrennera corallocephala) 🙂

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    • See my response to Eliza above re possible identification. I did not perceive an odour, even though I got close to it in order to photograph it.


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