It was in March that I commented on the beauty of the Giant Candelabra Lilies (Brunsvigia grandiflora) blooming in the grasslands of the Addo Elephant National Park.

Now that summer has ended, these beautiful blooms have ‘disappeared’ and will surprise us again next year. All that we see now is the odd tumbleweed rolling across the veld, dispersing seeds as it goes. Here is one that has not yet set off on its journey:

Of course the plants don’t disappear, but as they grow in grassland, we tend not to be aware of their prostrate leaves unless we stumble across them while walking in the veld. This is what they look like:



  1. I first saw this plant (not in flower) in 2010 when we visited the West Coast and Namaqualand during the spring flower season – I think it was in Saldana Bay. We took some pictures but were not able to identify it. Thank you for sharing the info.


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