The Common Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) has successfully expanded its range in the Eastern Cape since its introduction to various game farms and reserves during the 1970s. The name refers to the warts carried by the boar, while the Afrikaans name, Vlakvark (Plains Pig), points to its habit of roaming plains as well as in open savanna woodland and sparse shrub land.

Warthogs are fond of mud baths and are found along watercourses and marshlands, preferring to be close to water sources.

It is always interesting to watch warthog kneeling to dig out roots – up to a depth of 15 cm – with their tusks and muscular snouts. They also have an endearing habit of trotting off into the bush with their tails held erect like an aerial.

Here is a warthog family resting in the shade.

12 thoughts on “WARTHOGS

  1. You have warthogs, we have white-tailed deer here in VT where we spend summers. I looked through your long bird list…almost none are here in U.S. But I wonder if your olive thrush has a beautiful song, as our wood and hermit thrush do, and our veery also, our favorite song birds. We also have a non-native ‘red-whiskered bulbul’ from Mexico spreading all over so. California


    • I have seen photographs of your white-tailed deer – they look lovely creatures to have around. The song of our Olive Thrush is very melodic; sometimes competing with the Cape Robin for the most lovely song of the morning πŸ™‚

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