I wonder if you remember that delightful children’s classic, Caps for Sale written by Esphyr Slobodkina in 1940. This memory is no reflection of my age, for this wonderful story of a peddler carrying all his caps for sale on his head can still be purchased in bookshops. No-one buys his caps and yet, when he wakes from his nap under a tree, he finds they have all disappeared – except for his own: monkeys have taken them and refuse to return them to him. In frustration, he throws down his cap – and the monkeys follow suit. He gathers up his stock and continues to call out “Caps! Caps for sale!” The tale is simple, humorous and filled with action – hence its continued popularity among young children.

It came to mind while I was driving through town the other day. In some areas, what used to be clear pavements have become crowded with vendors selling whatever they can – including this selection of “Caps for sale!”


6 thoughts on “CAPS FOR SALE

  1. Are those NY logos about our New York Yankees baseball team? If so, I can recommend better selections. My home town, for example, are called the Cardinals, and their blue hat has a beautiful bird on the front. I think you might like that one, even caps are not so popular for women.


    • I think street vendors purchase items like these caps in bulk. Who actually chooses them and if there is a particular demand for those logos I cannot tell. There is, however, a strong American influence in Africa.

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