You might find these snippets gleaned from one of my old notebooks interesting:

Etymological origins of surnames:

Place/geography: Wood and Ditchfield

Occupation: Smith and Fletcher

Kinship: Jackson. I was unaware that Hodge can be an abbreviation/nickname for Roger –apparently it was aeons ago. The surname Hodgson therefore means ‘son of Roger’.

The lecture I attended dispelled the myth that Mac is of Irish origin, while Mc belongs to the Scots. It turns out that Mc is simply an abbreviation for Mac, both versions mean ‘son of’ in Gaelic.

Diminutives/nicknames are interesting too:

Moegs or Muggle for Margaret.

Perkins is the diminutive of Peter (!), which is where the name Peterkin comes from.

Jack is the shortened form of John and Bill is short for William.


  1. Not sure about what’s the”myth.”
    For here it’s commonly taught,
    (and from my wife ‘s kin and kith
    She knew) while I always thought
    That both were Irish to begin with.


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