There must have been swathes of Sneezewood (Ptaeroxylon obliquum) trees growing in the Eastern Cape at one time for they have been used extensively as fence posts and even as railway sleepers. There are not many mature specimens left in the veld today. The wood is so hard and durable that many of these fence posts are still in use today!

This is a good example of a Sneezewood post that is still in use.

This particular fence is known to have been erected in 1878.

Note the modern game fence in the background.

A remnant of a Sneezewood fence in a nature reserve that no longer requires fences.


7 thoughts on “SNEEZEWOOD POSTS

  1. Wow, some name for wood that is
    Colin May 16, 2018 at 6:35 am – Reply

    This is sneezewood…

    “Rock hard and indestructible. Even the termites can’t get through it.


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